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  • BISICO E-Bond DC is a self-etching and dual-curing bonding system which is easy to apply. This product represents the latest developments in this field.


    Its strong bonding of composite materials, compomers and resin-modified glassionomer cements to enamel and dentin is one of its most important properties
    In only one working process all that work can be done for which, in former techniques, several working processes were necessary: etching, cleaning, bonding and desensitizing. In this way, you can save a lot of time! Postoperative sensitization can be avoided.
    Due to its dual-curing property, even those areas which cannot be reached by the polymerisation light can be treated without any problems
  • حذف شده 200گرم
    ابعاد 50*25
    حذف شده قرمز
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